A child's main occupation in life is play.

Our Occupational Therapists utilize play skills as a therapeutic technique to help children develop necessary life skills and the foundational abilities necessary to complete those skills.

Through the use of play, our skilled therapists can help a child improve:

Fine Motor Skills                     Cutting               
Manipulation of small objects and tools

Visual Motor and Visual Perceptual Skills
Letter/Number formation
Building 3D structures
Copying and Visual scanning
Stringing beads                                                                                                                                                                                          

*Motor planning and Coordination
*Copying a model
*Functional motor play
*Multiple step actions (obstacle course)
*Balance (while standing still and within a movement)
*Safety awareness
*Upper Body strength and endurance is essential for
        functional fine motor skill acquisition.
*Functional manipulation of of tools and other objects.



Sensory processing
Over and under sensitivity to:
Textures, Movements, Touch, Sound, Visual input, Taste and Smell.

(Please see the Sensory Integration tab for more details)

Attention span, focusing, task initiation, engagement and completion
Social and play skills, transitioning between tasks, peer interaction, imaginative play, frustration tolerance.

    Self care skills
    *Shoe tying
    *Brushing hair and teeth
elf feeding with a spoon or fork
    *Cutting with fork and knife

*A medical Prescription is necessary for Occupational Therapy assessment and treatment. Please call us with any questions or to schedule an appointment.